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Beginner Series: Instagram Marketing For Your Business

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If you are a budding creative entrepreneur or a small business owner, using Instagram can be daunting. So many things to keep in mind and so many things to learn! However, it is way easier than it looks and this beginner guide will help you to get started in no time.

Let’s start with numbers to help you understand how vital Instagram marketing is for your business. This social media platform not only has 800 million active monthly users but is second after Facebook with engagement rates. It is crazy numbers!

And if these significant numbers didn’t convince you to start using Instagram marketing for your business, check out my blog post for 3 reasons Instagram is THE BEST social media platform. It will change your mind!

Now, let’s get started on how to use Instagram marketing for your business!

1. Create a strategy.

Every business and blog needs a strategy. It does not matter what field or industry you are pursuing, you have to know what your next step is. The same goes for Instagram. I strongly suggest starting with creating a solid Instagram marketing strategy, so you know what you will be posting, why and to who. Simple as that.

It will make day-to-day social media management go smoother.

Before starting, research other accounts in your niche and see what they are doing with their profiles. It will help you understand what content your target audience likes to see and it is crucial. Because if you are a fitness blogger who is posting make-up tutorials, your audience will not be happy. You get what I mean!

2. Plan your feed.

So, the next step after you created your Instagram marketing strategy is to plan your feed. Many people like to be spontaneous and just post as it comes, but I firmly believe that planning is what will help your account to succeed.

If you will have your monthly or weekly content planned ahead of time, when it will come time to post, it is going to be easy! Just import the photo, copy-paste your caption and hashtags and done for the day. While with no planning, it can get stressful when you have to find what to post and what to write. Also, planning will ensure a better quality of your posts.

If you already have your Instagram marketing strategy ready, planning the feed is not going to be hard. There are many ways to plan your Instagram feed, and I covered this topic in-depth in my other blog post. So, if you need help with planning, check it out!

3. Create a banging profile.

I hate creating profile descriptions. And I write for a living, so that means something!

That’s why I discovered that keeping it short and sweet works wonders. The most important thing is to write a profile description that will let you be seen by your targeted audience. So, if you are a fitness blogger, use keywords related to fitness in your profile.

Have a look at a few examples of really good Instagram profiles:

instagram marketing

While keeping your profile short is vital, being playful and personal always helps as well. People enjoy Instagram because it is more personal so don’t be shy to use emoji! It can give your profile a bit more character.

4. Use Instagram Stories.

So, if you already created your Instagram marketing strategy, planned your feed and got comfortable with posting it’s time to take your Instagram game to another level! And by saying another level, I mean start using all of its features. Like Instagram stories.

Instagram algorithm is a bitch, everyone knows that, but it is manageable. The algorithm prefers accounts that are using all its features, and it helps you to be seen by more people.

So, while I suggest you plan your Instagram feed, Instagram stories are a place where you can be spontaneous. Share anything you want (that is related to your brand) there daily, create polls, give shoutouts or do live streams. Anything works as long as it is related to your brand and is what your audience likes to see.

Also, grab my free Canva Instagram stories templates here:



1. Get the Californian Pack

2. Get the Minimalistic Pack

3. Get the Feminine Pack

5. Use hashtags.

I guess you will not find one person who does not know what hashtag is and why it is essential to use it. Hashtags help you get targeted traffic to your profile and helps people find you. Always use hashtags when posting, it is a necessary part of Instagram. Only celebrities can post without them and its because they have audiences of millions of people.

Do your research beforehand and decide what hashtags are related to your brand and keep a list of 20 or 30 on hand so you always ready to use them when you post.

6. Engage.

With the current Instagram algorithm, it is important to engage. Give yourself an hour a day where you go and spend time commenting and liking on other people posts. It will help your brand to get noticed easier because people will remember you if you will be engaging with them daily. Also, tag people or other brands when posting something relatable to them. It will increase your chances of being noticed as well.

Also, reply to your comments straight away, answer DMs and be active in general. It will show Instagram that your account is active and it will increase your chances of being featured on the explore page. And every business needs that kind of exposure!

7. Be consistent.

Last, but not least is be consistent. If you have been reading my blog, you are probably tired of me repeating how vital is to be consistent but it really is! If you want your business Instagram account to grow, you need to post daily. Maybe even two times a day if you are willing to invest the time.

Consistency will let your audience see that you are serious. Also, if your audience will see you daily, they will remember you better than seeing your posts once a week. You will be able to build a relationship with your audience and turn followers into customer easier. Your followers need to know you first before they invest in your brand.

I hope you found this guide helpful!

80 % of people follow brands on Instagram; you better join the community ASAP!

Also, if you are interested in my Beginner Series, check out blog posts on Twitter and Pinterest!


instagram marketing

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