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Beginner Series: Pinterest Marketing For Your Business

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If you are a creative entrepreneur or a business owner, using Pinterest marketing to drive traffic to your website is essential for you. While this platform is not social media network but a search engine, I always use it in my social media marketing strategy. Pinterest has over 175 million active monthly users, and this number is growing every year!

There are a few reasons why Pinterest is one of my favourite platforms:

1. It is visual.
2. It requires minimal work compared with other platforms.
3. It drives traffic to your website continuously.
4. It brings new leads.

These are just a few benefits of Pinterest marketing and if you are ready to start using it for your business, let’s get started!
1. Optimise your profile.

So, when you create your Pinterest profile, you have to make sure that it is optimised to the maximum. First, start by verifying your blog/website as it helps with SEO and create short but on point profile description. Remember that keywords in the Pinterest matter like everywhere else on the internet. Having a well-crafted profile description will help you wonders and people searching for things in your industry will be able to find you easier.

2. Create boards.

Pinterest is like a cork board with all your inspirational and motivational photos pinned in it, just on the internet. It is truly incredible. However, while it might look tempting to start pinning straight away, you need a strategy and a plan. Pinterest is an aesthetically pleasing platform so having your profile well crafted and organised will show professionalism.

So, before you go on a pin binge, start creating boards you will be pinning in. Organize them by topics. For example, if you are a food blogger, you will be pinning food-related pins. However, you will benefit more if you create multiple boards like ‘Vegan recipes’, ‘Thanksgiving dinner ideas’, ‘Summer recipes’ and so on rather than pinning all recipes together.

I recommend creating one board dedicated to your website where you will be pinning pins you created for your site. Name it after your blog or website and only use it for your posts. And then you can have multiple different boards where you pin other peoples pins.

I, for example, created one board that I called ‘The Blonde Social: Social Media Marketing Advice’ where I pin my blog posts, and then I have other multiple boards related to my field where I pin posts I like from other people.

Also, you have an option to add a description to each board you create and choose what that board is about. Optimize it the same way you did with your profile description – use keywords related to your niche. It will help you be seen by people who search for your industry related things.

3. Create banging Pinterest pins.

Okay, so after you familiarised yourself with the whole Pinterest marketing thing and completed first two steps its time to get creative. As I mentioned before, Pinterest is aesthetically pleasing and visual platform, so you need to create pins that attract the eye.

There are a few things to keep in mind when composing your pins:

1. Stay on track with branding.
2. Be consistent.
3. Allways insert a call for action.

When it comes to creating your pins, it might look impossible when you are not a graphic designer but trust me; it’s easy!

I already have a whole blog post dedicated to how to create compelling Pinterest pins so check it out if you need help. I explain what type of pins you can create, what tools to use and much more!

4. Start pinning!

Okay, so now it is time to get to the fun part – pinning. While it might be tempting to start pinning only your posts and then call it a day it is a big no-no.

Marketers recommend that you pin with 80:20 ratio. What it means is that 80 % of pins you pin should be from other people and only 20 % should be yours. So, make time each day to sit down and get to searching and pinning. Also, while searching for pins to pin from other people, you can find people in your industry to connect! So, it is beneficial for many reasons.

Because Pinterest is more inspirational platform rather than business (like LinkedIn) I don’t recommend pinning during work hours. People tend to spend less time on Pinterest then and get active only after-work. The best time to post is between 8-11 pm, and even more, people are active on Pinterest on weekends. So, I recommend you plan an hour or so every evening for pinning and posting on Pinterest.


pinterest marketing

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Now you see that using Pinterest marketing is not that hard! With a good strategy and a little bit of planning, it can take only a few hours a week, and the benefits are enormous.

Of course, it might take some time for you to see results like with every other platform, but it is worth the wait.

So, are you ready to start using Pinterest for your business?
Also, share your opinions about Pinterest marketing and why like it or hate it!

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