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10 Different Types Of Content To Post On Instagram

If you are a small business or blogger who is just starting out with their brand, it might be daunting to start using Instagram.

However, it is necessary because engagement with brands is 10 times higher on Instagram than Facebook (!!!) and 84 times higher than Twitter!

So, you have many questions like:

What should you post?
What content do your followers want to see?
How to create content to post?!

Well, you don’t have to worry because it is not as challenging to come up with good quality content to share on Instagram! You need to know what people love to see and today I share ten different types of content to post on your Instagram.

Let’s get started.
1. Behind the scenes.

So, as I mentioned before in blog post on why Instagram is the best social media platform people love seeing behind the scenes posts!

Nowadays it is not enough to be a brand with no face and personal touch. Consumers want to see why your brand is different and how can they relate. People need sneak peeks of the everyday life of your brand.

Only if there will be a connection, they will become loyal customers.

So sharing a behind the scenes shots either in your feed or stories is an excellent way to start!

2. Short how-to videos + tips and tricks.

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Short videos on how to cook, do makeup, clean your shirt or build an empire are very trendy for quite some time now. Instagram gives you an opportunity to share a fantastic short video in your feed that is going to catch peoples attention so you can interest them in visiting your website for more.

Depending on your brand and what industry are you in, you can quickly come up with a weekly thing where you share weekly advice in a 1-minute video. It is pretty easy to come up with, and it has a better chance of standing out from other posts.

3. Motivational Quotes.

Everyone is a sucker for a good old motivational quote Monday.

I know I am!

If you are not sure where to start, you can quickly begin with sharing motivational quotes. It is relatively easy to make a list of a bunch of quotes, turn on Canva and put up an Instagram post. It will take you literally 5 minutes, and you have a beautiful little thing to share.

Trust me; people will be in love with you helping them start their week with an excellent motivational caption!
4. Promotional post.

You are a business and only sharing motivational and personal stuff is not going to make you sales if you will not promote your products!

Sharing your products or services you offer once or twice a week is an excellent place to start when building your audience.

While it might be tempting to promote your products on every single occasion, you have to remember that people want to see diversity.
5. Boomerang!

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I love Boomerang posts.

It can be entertaining and effortless, and it does not require turning on your sound like videos do! Also, from the brand or business side, they are so easy to make and do not require any expertise.

People do interact more with moving images more, and the only thing you need is your phone, an app and some action.

6. Funny videos/screenshots/reposts.

People love a little bit of good laugh. Funny animal or kids videos, hilarious challenges or twitter rants..


If you are not able to create one yourself, reposts funny posts from other accounts (but don’t forget to give credit)! Your followers will not only get to see your products and behind the scenes but your funny side if they follow you and it will let you stand out!

7. Sneak-peek of upcoming products and projects.

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Before launching a blog, business, product or anything, you need to get the attention of people so they would be there the day that you launch something.

Sharing little sneak-peeks of upcoming projects or teasers of new products is an excellent way to build tension and excitement. Look at any beauty influencer launching their products, like Jeffree Star or Kim K. They tease their followers everytime they have a launch coming up, and it gets them sold out signs.

8. Customer reposts.

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It is essential to show your followers and loyal customers that you, as a business are listening to them and paying attention.

So, what better way to show them your appreciation than sharing their comments, posts, DM’s about your products?

Businesses love to share testimonials; however, a real not edited message or reposted photo is way more attractive. Jeffree Starr is a perfect example. He always likes to share his products being used or swatched by his customers and followers.

And let me tell you, he has a goddamn loyal customer base!
9. Lifestyle photos.

Sharing photos of travels, weekend brunch or workspace is an excellent way to let your followers know a little bit more about the face behind the brand. So, sharing those small parts of everyday life once in a while is an excellent way to spice up your Instagram feed.

10. Inspirational captions.

Finally, last but not the least, inspirational captions.

While you might be like “Why are inspirational captions not the same as motivational?” let me tell you there is a difference. You are a small business, solopreneur, entrepreneur, blogger and you have a story to tell on how you got where you are now.

What difficulties made you who you are?

How the hell did you make it?

Also, what helped you not to give up?

You see, there is a difference between a short motivational quote from a famous person and then personal inspirational story.



Pin it for later!


And if you inspire your audience, they will want to support you. Aka buys your products.

Well, that was a, but I hope you got some ideas on what content you will share with your audience!

Also, please, let me know what other types of content you like to share with your followers!

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