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How To Create Banging Pinterest Pins

Okay, I am really excited about today’s topic!

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Let’s talk all about how to create beautiful Pins that will get noticed and will attract new visitors to your website.

Pinterest is not a social media platform; it is more of a search engine. However, it has a little bit of both worlds (social media and search engine) because visuals matter on Pinterest as much as words do.

If you are thinking ‘But why do I need to use Pinterest if I am already ranking well on Google?’

I have an answer for you, my friend!

On Pinterest, you have an opportunity to shine with your brand visuals rather than words like on Google, and it is fantastic. There are 2 million Pinterest users who save shopping Pins to their boards DAILY.

So, if you have a product why not show it off on Pinterest where people search for beautiful things to buy?

Also, Pinterest probably needs the least amount of time to maintain. I am not saying that you will not have to put in the work in it, because it takes some time to set up your profile correctly. However, it does not take THAT much time to start seeing results. Like for example with Instagram, where it can take a few years to establish and grow your account (organically).

So, let’s get started on how to create those lovely Pins that do attract people to your website!

1. Size of your pins matters.

When creating Pins, there are a few things to keep in mind to get the best results. Pinterest pins have to be the right size. Otherwise, you will not see the results you might want.

You probably think that those long-ass pins look amazing, and I agree they do.

However, because 85 % of Pinterest users pin on the go while on their mobile, you need to make sure that your pin does not get cut off. I use 576 × 1024 size for my pins. They still look good when you are on a computer and do not get cut off on the mobile. Win-win!

2. Cohesiveness and branding.

Another thing to keep in mind if you want best results. You need to make sure your pins are cohesive and go well with your branding. I do not recommend having pin board with each pin being so different you can’t tell it’s for the same website. It just looks more attractive to an eye and your audience will know it’s your pins right away.


Now, let me show you a few examples.


Jenna Kutcher:


creating banging pinterest pins


Kotryna Bass:


creating banging pinterest pins


Caitlin Bacher:


creating banging pinterest pins


As you can see, while their pins are not identical, they are very cohesive, and with one look you can recognise that it is their pins when you are scrolling through the smart feed.

That is what you should strive to do as well. When creating your pins, you have to make sure that they go well with your branding and are recognisable. Because then whenever people will see and recognise your pin in their smart feed, they will be willing to click and visit your website.

Also, when it comes to new visitors if they visit your profile and see professional looking boards that are branded, they will be more likely to trust you as an expert. Because you took that time to make sure you are consistent with your brand on every platform.

3. Photos and pictures.

So, when it comes to what images to use when creating your pins, it can get a little bit tricky. Let me explain why.

When I was doing my research before I started pinning, I found some many guides, blog posts and free courses on how to create pins and use Pinterest for your business. Many tips on those guides are usually legit and useful when you are starting out. However, one thing that no one talks about enough is that pictures and photos you use, play a significant part.

Guys at Curalate conducted in-depth research on what pins get the most attention, and there are many things to consider when choosing your images. Such as:

1. Red-orange tone pins do way better than blue tone.
2. Very dark or very light images do not do well.
3. Images with faces in them do poorly in comparison to images without faces.

For more detailed information on what images do better, I suggest you read their research here. It is beneficial to know for everyone.

However, tones, saturation and lightness is not the only thing that matters when you pick images for your pins. Choosing RELEVANT images to your topic is essential because Pinterest looks not only to the words when selecting how to sort pins but images as well.

While it might look obvious, even if you think that you are using relevant images to your niche, a few days after they are pinned, check the ‘More like this’ section under your pin to see if Pinterest sorted your pin correctly.

Carly Campbell wrote about this detail in her E-BOOK (check it out, it is worth every single penny and more, that lady is incredible) and I can assure you, even if you think that you have a relevant image in your, Pinterest might not think the same.

That is just one small detail to keep in mind, just in case you see that you pin is not doing well.

4. Words.

So, the last thing that you have to master if you want to create successful pins is how you use words. Your pins have to have a clear text for people to pin them. If you are a blogger that sells courses or products and you create pins that do not have clear text and message, people are not going to pin. They won’t know what about that pin is right away. So, you have to make sure that it is obvious what are you pinning about.

Also, highlighting the main words (if you are promoting a blog post, for example) in you pin and making them stand out will change your Pinterest game. Many pins do well with the same font and colour, without really highlighting the central part. However, those pins are mostly by big Pinners who are established already. If you are starting out, you need to kick it up a notch to make sure Pinterest sorts your pins correctly and shows it to the relevant audience.

Let’s look at my example so you could better understand what am I talking about.

Here you can see a pin I created for my blog post about Pinterest marketing for beginners:

creating banging pinterest pins



As you can see, this pin goes well with my branding, the colours I used and fonts, everything is on point. However, the whole text looks blank and does not stand out. If it were a quote pin, it would be perfect, but it is not.

So, I recreated this pin, keeping all the things I mention in this blog post to you and the difference is massive:

creating banging pinterest pins

This pin is 10 TIMES BETTER than the one before and captures people’s attention when they are scrolling on their smart feed.

Let’s talk about creating pins quickly.

Creating beautiful pins, it is not as hard as it might look. Yes, there are a few things to keep in mind to get the best results, but the technical side is easy, I promise!

I recommend using Photoshop (I use it, I love that I can use custom fonts) or Canva. Both are good options, so if you are not good with Adobe products, then Canva is going to be your best friend. They offer fantastic Pinterest pin templates as well.

Oh, and it is free!


If you are not feeling comfortable with the creative side and not sure how to compose a good pin, I have created a few universal pin templates for you with Canva. You can use them for free, and it will help you learn how to compose pins yourself:



Template no. 1

Template no. 2

Template no. 3

Well, we discussed all the essential information about creating BANGING Pinterest pins. I can guarantee you that you will see surprising results if you follow these tips when creating your pins!



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Also, do not get discouraged if you don’t see the results overnight, mastering Pinterest takes time. So, if you see that something is not working out as good as you would expect, try experimenting. Re-do your pins and pin them again, until you find what works the best for your brand.

Oh, and if you are not sure how to get even use Pinterest for your business, check out my Beginner Series where I cover the main things you need to know to get started.


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