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How To Plan Content For Your Instagram Feed

So, planning, planning, planning…

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There is two type of people in the world – those, who can’t do anything in life without planning. And those, who can’t stand planning.

I am somewhere close to those who can’t live without a plan, at least when it comes to career, finances and living space (renting in London is exceptionally stressful without planning!).

When it comes to social media, even those who hate planning have to suck it up and get used to planning. It is the only way to stay on track with your numbers and audience and the only way to stay CONSISTENT. Also, let me tell you, consistency is the KEY if you want to get your business somewhere with social media.

So because I understand what kind of a pain in the ass can planning be for some people today, I am going to share life-saving tips on how to prepare your content for Instagram.

Also, how to keep that feed popping.

Let’s get started, shall we?
So, there are a few important things to keep in mind when planning your feed:

1. Content that you post has to be relevant to your audience.
2. Your feed aesthetics matter as much as your content.
3. Diversity is always an important factor when planning.
4. Batching is your best friend.
5. Hashtags.

Now let’s break each point down.
Relevant content

The content you will be posting on Instagram will depend on your industry or niche; fashion brand will post fashion-related photos, finance business will post finance-related content, etc.

You get it.

You, as a business owner, have to make time to research what other Instagram accounts in your niche are posting and customise it to fit your brand. I firmly believe in having Excel or Google sheets with your content planned for your Instagram account. This way before you start taking pictures, composing collages and gathering quotes you will know what to look for.

It will make your life so much easier, trust me!
Aesthetics matter

While the quality of content you put out there is essential, it will not grow your audience on its own.

The way your feed looks aesthetically is as important as the message it sends to your followers. So, the next step after deciding what type of content you will be posting is choosing the right branding. Of course, your Instagram branding has to be consistent with your whole business brand; if you have a product that has minimalistic looks and your Instagram feed will be rainbows and unicorns, it might be confusing for people.

Usually, people expect the same aesthetics. If they love minimalistic product look, the rainbow induced Instagram feed will not impress them.


Well, I talked about different types of content you can post on Instagram already, and there is plenty to choose from!

However, for the best look for your Instagram account, sticking only with one or two types of content might not work so well. Of course, there are plenty of Instagram accounts that post only videos or motivational quotes, but that IS their business.

So you, as a brand that wants to caption peoples attention and turn them into loyal customers, have to embrace diversity. This is in a way related to the first point I made as you have to keep variety in mind while planning your content in a first place.


It is way easier to stay consistent with posting when you already have all the photos, videos and captions ready just waiting for their turn! Also, it will save you time as well.

After you decide what content to post and what is your branding, its time to start preparing. Take a day or two and spend them taking pictures, creating graphics and getting all posts ready to go. It will make your life more comfortable if you prepare captions as well as visual posts.

Then, when the time comes to post, you will not have any excuses not to! I know that it gets a little bit tricky when it is time to posts something, and you are sitting there thinking what do write…


All experts agree that using hashtags in your Instagram posts are vital for quick account growth.

While with every algorithm change it gets harder and harder to grow organically, researching hashtags and creating a base of 20 or 30 to use continually is worth the hustle. There are many tools now that help you find the most relevant hashtags to use; you can also research them yourself on Instagram.

Whichever way you decide to find those hashtags, it will be handy to have 20 or 30 of them ready everytime you post.

You see, preparation is the key!

I always suggest planning a months worth of content. This way you will spend one day preparing and then for the rest of the month you won’t have to worry about what to post today.



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Also, please share what system do you use when planning your Instagram feed?

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