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3 Reasons Why Instagram Is The Best Social Media Platform

So, today I want to talk about my favourite social media platform Instagram and reasons why it is the best platform for your business.

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I am going to be honest with you, my love for social media started because of Instagram. Before it was a serious marketing platform and a full-time job for some people, Instagram was a place to share beautiful pictures and parts of your life with friends. I used to love looking at all those pretty pictures and finding inspiration for my own life. It was fascinating to have a peek into other peoples lives! So because all people are suckers for beautiful photos of other peoples lives, Instagram has over 800 million active users in 2018.

Instagram had come a long way from the days when we were sharing our lives with our friends. Now, if anyone wants to be someone, he or she has to be on Instagram! Therefore, if you are a small business owner, you should be investing your time in Instagram as well.

So today I am going to share three reasons why Instagram is the best social media platform!
1. Community.

While everyone knows that Instagram has become more business focused rather than intimate sharing your life with friends it still gives consumers a more personal look into brands he or she love. Small companies have an opportunity to let their customers have a peek behind the scenes on Instagram.

And people love it!

Days, when brands were bombarding people with a traditional advertisement of their products and people were happy with it are long gone. Now it is not enough to advertise your products, share beautiful photos from photoshoots. Or get a few celebrities to root for your brand.

People are thirsty for real and human side of brands.

Instagram lets you not only share the best side of your brand but also gives you an opportunity to share behind the scenes with Instagram story feature. Instagram allows brands to get more personal with communication via DM’s! It is a way better way to talk with your customers than an old-school customer service email info@thatandthat.com.

People are not happy waiting for 48 or 72 hours to get answers, they want it ASAP!

Another thing about the personal touch with this app is that it gives you an opportunity to build a loyal tribe of customers who love your brand!

With 2018 algorithm change it is harder than ever to grow your Instagram account. However, this algorithm pushes brands and people on Instagram to work together to build their audiences. While it takes more time to build your following, you, as a small business owner have a chance to go and find people who are interested in your brand.

For your account to grow, you have to be engaging with others more. That means there are more personal interactions because you have to be an active part of the community. It is a perfect opportunity to find more people who love your brand and leaves an impression that you as a brand engage with your community.

2. Stories.

So, I already mentioned the Instagram story feature above, but I had to put it as a separate point because it is pretty damn amazing!

First of all, Instagram stories help you give a sneak peek of behind the scenes of your brand. Since it launched in 2016, this feature has been a huge success and I am not surprised. Over 300 million people use this feature daily. People love watching videos, take a look at youtube!

So, as a small business owner, you have a fantastic opportunity here. While creating youtube videos might require more knowledge, and it takes a lot of time and effort, Instagram stories are opposite! You don’t need any experience, equipment or professional editing skills, just your phone and some apps to make thing pretty. I know that some people might wonder why I am praising Insta stories so much when there was Snapchat before that but let me tell you one thing.

While Snapchat is a fantastic place to share behind the scenes and honest talks with your customers, Insta stories have one advantage.

Why use a few different apps when you can use only one?

Right, there is the advantage!

Snapchat is as good as Instagram when it comes to sharing stories, but Snap does not have other features that make social media management easier. You can only share videos, and that’s about it. While with Instagram, you have direct messages where you can answer questions, stories where you can post videos, feed where you share pictures AND comment section where you communicate with your followers!

Damn, that was a long sentence.

So, compared with other options for sharing videos with your customers, Instagram stories are the best option. It is fastest and relatively easy to use.

3. Engagement.
Instagram has one of the highest engagement rates compared to other social networks.

While Facebook is ahead of every other social media platform, Instagram is in a second place. Also, with all the features this platform has it can be the essential tool in your marketing strategy. 200 million people visit business profiles daily, so you have plenty of opportunities to sell your brand! You have an opportunity here to share your products and get sales easier. Instagram allows you to showcase your products and even lets your customers purchase them with one click. I can’t stress enough the versatility of Instagram!

Let’s talk real-life examples.

I have a friend that just started his own business. He created a product that is good (it is a soft-drink, I was sceptical before trying it as nothing can beat Coca-Cola, let’s be honest, but it is delicious!).  He invests much time going to different shops offering to sell his product in those shops. Also, he is going to different business expos where he introduces his drink to the industry. And always receives good feedback!

However, it is going very slowly because he is not using social media. If he invested time in building his brand on social media platforms like Instagram for example, he would have a way to reach more people.



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These are just a few advantages of using Instagram as your primary social media platform for your business. With high engagement rates, so many functions and accessibility it is on top of my list for sure.

And, if this list convinced you to jump into using Instagram, check out my beginner’s guide on Instagram marketing!
I would love to hear what are your favourite social media platforms are and why!

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